6 Best Ways to Fix OBS Dropping Frames

obs dropping frames

In this article, I will teach you. 6 best ways to fix OBS dropping frames issue. Recently, many users have been reporting the problem of “OBS dropping frames” which keeps them from the regular streaming server and encountering stream lags. This problem often arises because of poor network connectivity. Affected users reported that some video frames are dropped or lost as the effect of this issue.

How to Fix OBS Dropping Frames Problem?

The OBS dropping frames problem can occur because the server connection is unstable, high Bitrate, connection problem due to firewall or Anti-Virus, and a few other reasons. If you are the one challenging the same problem and finding a solution to it as soon as possible, then it will not be a difficulty anymore, if you follow the solutions given below. Look.

1. Troubleshoot Hardware Problem

Whenever the problem of “OBS dropping frames” causes, the first thing you should do is to troubleshoot the hardware problems. Yes, troubleshooting will help you determine if there is a hardware problem. Follow this basic analysis,

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  • First, check the router. In some cases, the router may be malfunctioning and congesting signals to the router itself, as the solution should be to connect the modem directly to the system by skipping the router.
  • Check for damage to the Ethernet cable. then try replacing the cable.
  • Finally, I have recommended that you stream over a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi, as the wired connection is more stable than a Wi-Fi connection.

After following the solutions above, however, you facing the OBS dropping frames issue, and then follow the next solution that may be the cause of your problem.

2. Update Drivers

As per the suffered users, if the network driver is corrupted or infected, or outdated it may be the cause of your OBS dropping frames problem. In this case, to avoid the issue is to update the network driver. For doing so,

Note: You can easily update the network driver manually or automatically.

To do the update manually, go to your computer manufacturer website and find the latest driver for a specific version of Windows that you are using and download and install it.

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If you do not have the right information and do not want to update your network driver alone, you need to get any reliable third-party automatic update tool. The tool will help you find a specific network driver for your system and download it and install it automatically.

3. Change Firewall and Anti-Virus

Not just routers and drivers, even firewall and Anti-Virus installed that responsible for the OBS dropping frames issue. Therefore, it is a good idea to turn on/off the firewall and anti-virus whenever you are suffering this issue. While doing so, follow the steps given below,

  • First, in the desktop search bar type Windows firewall and open the Windows Defender Firewall from the search result.
obs dropping frames
  • Now in the Windows Defender Firewall window, from the left pane, you can select the option Turn on or Off the Windows Defender Firewall.
obs dropping frames

Next, in the newly opened window, under Domain network settings, private network settings, public network settings tap on the radio button next Turn off Windows Defender Firewall (not recommended) option and click the OK button.

When you’re done, check the problem, if it is resolved, then add an exception for obs32.exe/obs64.exe to your anti-virus or firewall.

Turning the windows firewall is not a recommended step as it may cause minor malfunctions so, after turning off the Windows firewall, the problem has not been resolved, and you can restore the Windows Defender Firewall settings.

4. Reduce Bitrate

One of the proven solutions to the OBS dropping frames is lowering the Bitrate. Bitrate controls the video and audio quality that we watch online. If the High Bitrate is a problem for you, then try to change the Bitrate settings (lover the video Bitrate) to solve the problem for you. Follow the steps given below,

  • First, open the OBS studio.
  • Then go to the files, which you can see in the upper left corner of the screen, you can select the Settings from the drop-down menu.
obs dropping frames issue
  • Now in the settings window, from the left pane window select the Output tab. Then under the streaming section, from the right pane, lower the video Bitrate and click the OK button to save the changes.
  • Note: In the case of OBS Studio 24, a built-in feature, Dynamic Bitrate allows you to adjust Bitrate automatically as per your internet connection.

5. Close Bandwidth and Hogging Applications

Like a few affected users, shutting down all bandwidth-hogging programs before streaming helped resolve OBS dropping frames issue. So consider doing the same and to do so, follow the steps given below,

  • First, right-click on a space in the taskbar and select the option Task Manager from the list.
obs dropping frames issue
  • Now, find programs that using a lot of data and try to end their session by clicking on the End Task tab.

When you’re done, check the problem. If you are still struggling with the OBS dropping frame issue then try the following solution.

6. Switching Servers

It may have the chance to cause OBS dropping frames issue when you are connected and using default servers. In this case, you should switch the server and try it once to eliminate the problem. Also, follow the steps given below,

  • Open OBS and go to Files and select the Settings option from the drag menu.
obs dropping frames issue
  • Now from the left panel menu and select the stream option.
  • You can choose the service that you need to use and click on the option Connect Account (recommended).
  • Furthermore, log in with your username and password.
  • When the login process is complete, from the server drop-down list, change the server and click OK to save the changes.

Note: You can also try different available servers until you find one that you can stream easily.

The problem of OBS Dropping Frames is not a serious one and it can be solved on your own without the help of technical hands. The reasons for this issue can be many and each one has the right solutions.

These were all the possible fixes that will help you solve the problem of “OBS dropping frames” easily. All of the above solutions are tested, experimented with, and verified, and helped many of the affected users.

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