7 Best Camera Apps for Android Phone

By | February 7, 2021
best camera apps for android

In this article, I will tell you the best camera apps for android. Most people rely on their smartphones or tablets as primary devices to capture photographs and videos.

However, the pre-installed camera app doesn’t always take the best type of pictures or provide the ultimate images features to deliver the shots you desire.

Fortunately, there are third-party apps that can pack a punch with creative extras like photograph filters and specialized tools that can assist you to achieve a lot more together with your phone images.

Best Camera Apps for Android

Here is the list of the best camera apps for Android that you can take your better picture capture to a whole new level.

1. Instagram

Instagram is one of the best photo-sharing social networks however it’s also one of the popular photo apps.

Whether you need to update your Instagram Stories with the right shot or let your followers know what you’re up to, the app provides a host of filters and creative tools to control the look and feel of your pictures.

You can capture, edit and post pictures without leaving the app or worrying about trying to take your picture and then importing it later

best camera app for andriod instagram
Best Camera App Andriod Instagram

Instagram is free to install, easy to make use of, and has lots of free effects including beautifying filters, quirky stickers, campaign slogans, or Boomerang video. You can also cross-post to other social networks together with Facebook or Twitter, and use hashtags to participate with the various communities on the platform.

When you don’t want to share your picture, you can save it back to your camera roll for use later or share it on different services.

2. ProCam X

ProCam X turns your mobile phone into a pro camera with a layout that switches from an easy auto mode to a feature-filled manual mode full of DSLR-like camera controls. A few of its highly effective features include a built-in interval meter that can help you shoot long exposures and stop motion. You can also shoot in time-lapse video and slow-mo and use a range of exposure and focus controls to capture one of the best photos.

If you want to record video, ProCam X allows you to do that in high resolution. The app’s sliding controls with haptic suggestions are simple to make use of and add to the experience, and the main focus peaking helps you keep an eye on your photo’s sharpest areas.

best camera app for andriod procam x
Best Camera App Andriod ProCam X

You can also activate shadow clipping to get the perfect exposure. However, in difficult conditions, you can use automatic exposure bracketing to take exposed shots in three other ways with one tap of the shutter release.

Different tools you can use to bring your mobile photography to the next level include external microphone help, real-time photo filter, geotagging for photos with compass directions, and manual focus like DSLR cameras.

ProCam X isn’t free, however for $4.99 you get more bang for your buck with all of the pro-level options you get.

3. Open Camera

Open Camera is a full-featured camera app for android that gives different photograph modes, optional grids, exposure compensation, and lock to give you full control over your cameras.

You’ll be able to toggle night mode, noise reduction, and shoot in RAW to make your photos additional flexible. Plus, you’ll be able to access a whole slew of other useful tools including ISO, shutter controls, voice triggers, or countdown timers for taking the perfect snapshot.

best camera app for andriod open camera
Best Camera App Andriod Open Camera

As an open-source camera app, Open Camera is constantly being developed to add extra features. You can use the app in place of or alongside your default camera app, and allow it to handle important parts of your pictures. Open Camera also provides an overlay grid that can help you implement the rule of thirds and balance photo dimensions.


If you’d like a more focused photography experience, VSCO provides a platform so that you can categorical your creativity via photos and videos.

The app offers powerful tools that can help you get inspiration for your snapshots such as a video editor with 10 presets, contrast, and saturation tools so your photos can pop. To add texture to your photos you can use the Grain and Fade effects, which also allow you to mimic analog film effects. You can also crop and skew photos to adjust or play around with perspectives, and then use Recipes to save lots of and recreate your favorite edits.

best camera app for andriod vsco
Best Camera App Andriod VSCO

VSCO also has a unique processing technology with a variety of photograph altering instruments and presets that promise dazzling, film-like results. Plus, you’ll be able to flip mundane photos into stunning images with a simple tap of your mobile phone’s display.

Once you’re performed editing photos, you’ll be able to share them across popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or share them with the VSCO Journal.

5. Cymera Camera

If you’re a selfie enthusiast, Cymera Digicam will enable you to spruce up your self-portraits. The digital app helps you to apply drawings and handwritten messages to your pictures simply as Photograph Editor and Snapchat do.

best camera app for andriod cymera camera
Best Camera App Andriod Cymera Camera

You get more than 100 different filters to boost your selfies and other tools to edit away undesirable blemishes such as pimples and blotchy skin. In terms of camera controls, Cymera Camera provides brightness controls, tap-to-auto-focus and pinch-to-zoom, a shot timer, anti-shake, and touch capturing for one of the best shot settings.

6. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a powerful camera app and picture editor that’s best for advanced photographers. The app allows you to capture and edit beautiful pictures simply using easy picture editing tools such as filters and sliders.

You’ll be able to apply picture filters, retouch high-resolution images, or edit raw photos and breathe life into your images wherever you’re. Plus, you’ll be able to compare completely different photo versions and decide one to indicate your finest work.

best camera app for andriod lightroom
Best Camera App Andriod Lightroom

Different options that make Lightroom a worthy companion include the selective adjustments to manage images, healing brush to remove anything, and local hue changes to elevate your images.

You can also import watermarks, edit quicker with picture presets, and enjoy extra control with Pro and HDR capture modes. Adobe Lightroom also offers the power of AI (artificial intelligence) that can help you organize your images based mostly on the people or objects in them.

The camera app backs up all your originals and edits to the cloud so you’ll be able to access them anytime, wherever you’re.

7. Pixtica

Whether you’re a beginner or pro photographer, Pixtica will provide you with everything you need in a professional third-party camera app.

The app is feature-packed with a ton of camera controls and shooting features like white balance, aperture, reside filters, photograph editor, and lots of camera modes so you never miss a moment once more.

Pixtica is designed to be quick and intuitive for image lovers, creative minds, and filmmakers making it a pleasure to capture and edit photos and videos.

best camera app for andriod pixtica
Best Camera App Andriod Pixtica

The app’s easy-to-use design allows you to unleash your creative potential and nice tune details like focus, shutter speed, and ISO using manual controls.

On top of that, you get a grab bag of extras including a document scanner, GIF recorder, and Tiny Planet, which makes use of an advanced stereographic projection algorithm to create little planets with live previews.

Pixtica additionally allows you to edit memes, scan using a QR/barcode scanner, have enjoyable with ready-to-share photo collages using the Photobooth, and access all of your creations in a well-organized gallery.


Cameras are getting better and better nowadays. However, if the built-in camera app in your Android device doesn’t deliver your desired results, a third-party camera app can help you get extra from the camera in a range of situations. The best camera apps for android provide camera controls, shooting modes, and filter effects that give you the flexibility to capture and edit your pictures or videos to your liking.

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