7 Best SSDs Drives for Gaming PC 2021

ssd drive gaming pc

In this article. I will tell you the best SSDs Drives for gaming PC and also enclosed the complete details about SSDs Hard Drive. Selecting the best SSD drive for your gaming PC or console can change your entire user experience. A great SSD for gaming will provide you with an additional speed and make every little thing work smoother. On top of that, should you consider the amount of space modern video games take up, getting one of the best SSD should be on top of your priority list when it comes to a gaming PC?

best ssd
Best SSD

Here are the 7 Best SSDs Hard Drive for Gaming PC:

1. HP S700 Pro

If you’re especially worried about data loss and are searching for an SSD that will last you forever, or at least by a number of computer systems, HP S700 Pro is an efficient choice. While most SSDs come with a 5-year warranty, HP S700 Pro offers up to 2 million hours of use and up to 650 terabytes written. This SSD is built to last, and you’ll definitely rely on this one.

hp ssd
HP SSD Hard Drive

Different perks, HP S700 Pro promises high performance, quiet working volume, and power efficiency. However, since it’s a SATA III SSD, it’s relatively slow compared to the other items on this list. Though if it’s the durability and low price that you simply’re after, HP S700 Pro is still a choice worth considering.

2. Crucial P2 

When you’re in a price range and searching for an affordable way to speed up your pc, have a look at Crucial P2 SSD. In fact, you’ll have to compromise, since Crucial P2 only comes with 2,300MB/s sequential read speed and 1,900MB/s sequential write speed, which is far from the quickest NVMe SSD on this list. However, those are still high speeds that you simply won’t find on a SATA SSD.

crucial ssd
Crucial SSD Hard Drive

Given the price and the compact dimension of this SSD, Crucial P2 is still the very best price range option for your gaming setup.

3. Samsung 970 EVO Plus 

Samsung 970 EVO Plus is one of the quickest top performing drives on the market. If you’re searching for one of the best SSD for gaming drive that you can get right now, you should seriously consider getting the 970 EVO Plus. It’s the latest solid state drive from Samsung that can outperform its competition because of the Samsung Phoenix controller. Thanks to some of the strongest write performance out there, the 970 EVO Plus can handle powerful workloads.

Samsung SSD Hard Drive

Samsung 970 EVO Plus promises a powerful 3,500MB/s sequential read speed and 3,200MB/s sequential write speed. One other pleasant surprise is that this SSD is more than affordable for the specs it offers. Overall, if you’re a fan of Samsung SSD technology and want to get top PCle 3.0 performance at a discount value, Samsung 970 EVO Plus is a superb pick for you.

4. Sabrent Rocket PCLe 4.0 NVMe 

If you’re searching for the very best next-gen SSD for gaming on the market that will give you top speed and peak performance, Sabrent Rocket might be the best decision for you. The Sabrent Rocket uses PCLe 4.0 interface which outperforms the entire PCLe 3.0 drives behind. The 5,000MB/s sequential read speed and 4,400MB/s sequential write speed are there to back it up.

samrent ssd
Samrent SSD Hard Drive

The Sabrent Rocket isn’t the cheapest option to put an NVMe drive into your system. The Sabrent Rocket is pricier than Addlink S70 and another entries on this list which might be a better fit for someone who’s on a price range. However, if you wish to get your hand on the next-gen SSD that offers impressive speed, high endurance, and an affordable price tag, the Sabrent Rocket PCLe 4.0 NVMe is value considering.

5. ADATA SE800 

The ADATA SE800 is one of the perfect external SSDs that you can get right now. It’s compact and has a modern look, it’s durable, quick, and most significantly – available for a reasonable price. If you’re searching for an external SSD for gaming that’s nearly impossible to interrupt, the ADATA SE800 is a good pick. This SSD has an Ingress Safety rating of IP68, which means that it’s dustproof and waterproof.

ADATA SSD Hard Drive

The ADATA SE800 is an M/2 Type-2242 SSD, formatted as exFAT by default. It can simply be reformatted and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, as well as Xbox Series X and PS5. So if you’re looking to expand the external storage for your PS5, this SSD could be a superb match.

6. WD Black SN750

Western Digital’s SSD is a solid competitor of the Samsung 970 EVO Plus, offering related performance and speed but undercutting them when it comes to its worth.

wd black ssd
WD Black SSD Hard Drive

WD Black SN750 comes with a gaming mode that prevents your device from switching to the low-power mode. It’s designed to maintain high performance throughout your gaming sessions. If you’re worried about generating too much heat, there’s a model of this SSD with an add-on heatsink made of solid aluminum and firm EKWD. Storage capacity is a crucial factor for a lot of. WD Black SN750 pushes the limits with the 64-layer 3D NAND. If you’re searching for the perfect SSD for gaming that can offer you the maximum storage, WD Black SN750 is your best choice.

Addlink S70 is a lesser-known NVMe SSD compared to Samsung, however, considering the super quick speed it provides and the comparatively low price it’s definitely an alternative price looking into. The speed we’re talking about with Addlink S70 is up to 3,400MB/s read to speed and 3,000MB/s write speed.

addlink ssd
Addlink SSD Hard Drive

Different advantages of Addlink S70 include wonderful endurance and compelling performance. This SSD’s capacity varies from 256GB, to 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB. If you’re searching for a serious upgrade, 1TB or 2TB will probably be both great choices that can store your operating system as well as a ton of video games.


It doesn’t matter what it’s you’re after with your SSD, the highest specs, maximum storage, or low price, there’s a superb number of choices out there in the marketplace. If any query about this article you can comment below here, and you can also contact us for the best guideness.

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