How to Enable Auto Framing on Google Duo [2021]

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Google Duo has a lot of hidden features that can be used to make video calls more purposeful and fun to deal with. Among the features you have never used is the automatic mode, which focuses on your face between video calls even when you point the camera at a weird angle.

But what exactly is automatic mode, how does it work, and, most importantly, how do you enable it? Here’s all you need to know.

What’s Auto Framing on Google Duo?

When you are on a Google Duo video call, the auto-lock feature keeps you focused on the frame, even on the go, as in the David Fincher movie. The app makes this possible by finding a face in a video call and zooming in to keep your face in the center.

The validity of this feature cannot be emphasized enough. Users can move around the room and stay blank as they continue with other activities, all the time sitting inside the frame and being completely visible to people on the other side.

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How to Enable Auto-Framing on Google Duo

Auto-framing will be automatically disabled on devices that support it. However, allowing it is much easier. To turn on auto-framing, start or join a video call on Google Duo and tap the screen to see additional meeting controls below. When the meeting controls appear, you can press the 3-dot icon.

google auto framing not working

Now, you can select Auto-framing.

google camera settings

Auto-framing will only work with your phone’s front-facing camera, and not when you rotate the rear camera.

Which Devices Can I use Auto-Framing on?

The auto-framing feature of the Duo first came to the Pixel 4 at the end of 2019. Later, Google began rolling it out on Samsung S20 and S21 devices. It is also accessible on all Pixel devices that have been released after that. Unfortunately, the auto-framing function is not available on any iPhones at the time of writing. This means you can use auto-framing on Google Duo on the following phones:

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  1. Pixel 4
  2. Pixel 4a
  3. Pixel 5
  4. Pixel 5a
  5. Pixel 6 series
  6. Samsung Galaxy S21 series
  7. Samsung Galaxy S20 series

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