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In this article, I will teach you. The most reliable video repair tool Wondershare repairit. Portable technology has become more popular over time. The means for capturing memories were therefore even more advanced. A camera with films was once the only way to capture photos and videos. It was quickly replaced with the latest technology in bulk that allows people to hold for as many hours of time a small card as their nails. But sometimes digital memory will be damaged, and it may seem impossible to retrieve your videos.

Causes of the Video Files Loss/Corruption

One of the most unbearable things in life can be the many hours you spend making perfect videos and going down the line to see if they have broken down or not. Or maybe part of the video skips and some parts have weird lines and art objects in some frames and locations.

These are the signs of your damaged video file. There could be many reasons why this might happen, although we will list the most common causes of video file failure and corruption for conciseness’s sake.

1. Video Shut Down Prematurely

Any type of digital data, including video files, may be at risk of being damaged when the device it was playing was facing an unexpected closure or reboot. In the event that this happens, parts of the video may be corrupted and they may start to skip or stop playing completely.

2. Using Poor Third-Party Players

A malicious third-party video player or video editor can cause damage to your video files as it may or may not have the necessary standards and structures for easily managing and encoding/decode video files, causing them to go corrupt.

3. Damage to Your Media Storage Device

Careless handling of your storage devices such as SD cards or External Hard Drives can cause physical damage. Excessive physical damage to their internal components can lead to data loss and file corruption.

4. Malware and Virus on Your Storage Solution

Video players may have difficulty or stop processing video files due to viruses and malware. These viruses often turn video file extensions into anonymity, making it difficult for them to play video.

5. Mismanagement of File Structure Video

Files contain much more audio and visual data such as headers and metadata. Video files will be easy to read between each player and device. Tampering with these values ​​can cause your files to fail and make them unreadable.

What Can Video Repair Tool Do?

Video repair tools are useful programming pieces that can help you fix corrupt video files and make your entertainment playable again for all players and devices. Useful repair tools download your corrupted files and try to recover parts of the audio and video file that is not completely lost.

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Video repair tools usually feature these functionalities

  • It helps you to repair your damaged, split, cut, or damaged video files
  • It fixes your video files not playing in certain media players such as Windows Media Player or QuickTime
  • It fixes movies that the camera could not insert or finish properly
  • Recreate raw video file and audio stream of an adjustable file to achieve smooth playback
  • Recover lost data from videos such as meta-data and header parameters

You can find these features in high-quality video players themselves, such as VLC Media Player and its built-in video repair tool for convenience. However, for a reliable way to edit your video file without compromising, we recommend Wondershare Repairit, the video recovery tool with the highest success rate out there.

Features About Repairit

Wondershare Repairit is a solid video recovery tool you need to customize any video format you want, whether MOV, MP4, MKV, M4V or any other file extension. Repairit can handle it all. Allows you to recover multiple files at once and also shows you a preview of your repaired one before saving it.

Some of the innovative features of Repairit that set it apart from its competitors and allow it to provide the best in video repairing are as follows:

Amazing friendly and up-to-date User Interface

  • See all the technical details such as video frame rate, bit rate, and format behind your video in the Repairit feature covered by the User Interface, and you are also allowed to set your own video thumbnail.

Advanced Repairs

  • This advanced feature allows you to install a sample to repair the most broken videos with the best success rate. In addition, sample file confirmation helps choose the appropriate sample.

Repair High-Definition Videos

  • Customize your videos with high-definition resolutions ranging from 4k to 8k resolutions.

Support for multiple recording devices

  • Repairit can work with any camera or phone recording or anything and can be successfully repaired with any file you provide.

Steps to Repair Your Video Files

After installing Wondershare Repairit on your system, by following these 3 simple steps, you can return with the video file you submitted at any time.

Step 1. Upload your corrupt or damaged file to Repairit.

The software will ask you to add any files you wish to recover, to begin with. Click on “Add” to start Repairit.

video repair tool

Step 2. Begin repairing your corrupt or damaged video with Repairit.

Repairit fix will give you a list of videos to choose from. Select corrupt video files and do not open them again to start the process of repair them. Click “Repair” to get started.

video repair tool

Step 3. Verify your content with Preview Feature in Repairit View preview presented by the tool to see if the file is fully recovered and the content you’re recovered is correct or not. If you are satisfied, simply click on “Save” to retrieve your media file.

video repair tool

Step 4. Finish save the repaired video by Repairit

video repair tool

Once the fix is ​​complete with its tasks of repairing your selected videos, you shall be asked to save your repaired videos on your computer and shall be given a preview.

And just like that, you have successfully repaired all your selected media with the power of Wondershare Repairit. Just go to the place where you saved your videos and start playing them again.

Note: If you can’t download and install Repairit, Wondershare is back there too.


For a much simpler and faster solution for editing your video files, you can also choose the Wondershare Online video repair tool, which can help you retrieve your videos faster. The good thing about this online video repair tool is that it is completely free and does not require boring registration to use it.

Any video you upload to this tool will be protected and secure with its guarantee that it will not fall into the wrong hands with our privacy protection program. Upload any video file less than 200 MB and have a seamless experience of editing your media in a second. Wondershare Repairit is available for both Windows and Mac for you to enjoy, which is one of the best video repair tools in the market.

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