How to Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to Windows 11 [2022]

bluetooth speaker to windows 11

In this guide, you will learn the simple steps to pair Bluetooth devices to Windows 11. Now you can connect any Bluetooth speaker to Windows 11 and set it as the default output device on your PC for system sounds and other audio.

However, the computer needs to be equipped with a Bluetooth adapter for many laptops and most desktops, but you can always purchase a cheap USB Bluetooth dongle to add this Wireless technology for sending packets to your device over a short distance.

Connect a Bluetooth Speaker to Windows 11 [2022]

To connect a pair of Bluetooth speakers on Windows 11, use the following steps:

Step 1. First, turn on the Bluetooth speaker.

Step 2. Enable Bluetooth pairing on the device in the main speaker.

Step 3. Then open Settings on Windows 11.

Step 4. Click on Bluetooth and devices.

Step 5. Turn on the Bluetooth conversion switch to enable wireless radio (if applicable).

Step 6. Click the “Add Device” button.

connect blutooth speaker

Step 7. Select the Bluetooth option.

pair blutooth device to windows 11

Step 8. Select the speaker to connect to Windows 11.

connect bluetooth speakers on windows 11

Step 9. Continue with on-screen directions (if available).

Once you have completed the steps, the wireless speaker will connect to Windows 11.

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Alter the Default Audio Output on Windows 11

If you set up a speaker on a laptop or a device that already has another set of speakers, you may need to configure the default output device to be the new speaker.

You can easily change the default audio output on Windows 11, using these steps:

Step 1. First, open the settings.

Step 2. Then click on System.

Step 3. Click the Sound tab.

Step 4. Under the “Output” section, use the “Choose where to play sound” setting to select a Bluetooth speaker.

bluetooth speaker in windows 11

After completing the steps, the sound from the system will be output on the wireless speaker.

If your computer doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth, you can purchase a USB adapter from Amazon.

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