Download Parler APK for Android [2021]

Download Parler APK

Download Parler APK is a free social networking app available for Android and iOS devices. Although due to some legal issues, the application has been removed from the Playstore and app store. This made the app almost inaccessible to most users who use Parler resources continuously. Even if you’re an Android user, you can simply download the APK file and download it separately. Therefore in this article, I will teach you. how to download and install the latest APK file for the Parler app on your android or iOS devices.

Google has stated that the application is infringing on user safety and cannot be hosted on the platform. Unless the developers follow, the rules and apply the rules of post control someone can post, there is no possibility of having the app in the play store. The same situation exists with the Apple Appstore, so the chance of getting the app from official sources is not very high at the moment. But you can always download the Parler APK file for Android and install it on your device from the steps below.

Download Parler APK for Android [2021]

You must be aware of the event where Trump supporters created violence. This led to the removal of the app from the platform as the app was very common among them. Additionally, Google stated that the app violates a policy that requires social media apps to have some control over what users post. On the other hand, the application didn’t have any restrictions on the posts that one could post.

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What is the Parler Application?

As already mentioned, Parler is a non-biased approach to other common social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. This app has become very popular among people who wish to express their ideas online without restricted research. Although the app cannot be used for illegal handling. To be clear, I will quote what the CEO of the application said,

Since the app has no research, the responsibility for content management falls into the hands of the people in charge of member posts. This can be difficult depending on the size of the community and the attitude of the person who is managing the group.

Method 1: Download from the Official Parler Site

Most app developers have their own apk files that host the site to install on the user’s phone. So, Parler also has an official domain to handle apk files that you can download to the user’s phone.

Step 1. First, open the official site to download the Parler app. Here

Step 2. Then scroll down on your screen slightly and select the android version you’re using.

Step 3. You can locate your android version from Settings> About your phone.

Step 4. You can select the right version for your phone and download the apk file.

Step 5. Finally, install the apk file as mentioned above.

The site is always up to date with the latest version available. As a result, you don’t have to be worried about having an outdated version.

Method 2: Download Parler from Trusted APK Stores

There are many Android apk providers on the internet. However, not all are legal. A few of them. So here I have included one such reliable link.

Step 1. Download the apk file from this link. (APK Monk)

Step 2. You can open the apk file directly from the browser or file manager.

Step 3. Now, if this is the first time, you open the app file, you will be asked to allow the app to install.

Step 4. Follow the on-screen instructions and installation permissions for the file manager application.

Step 5. Now, if you go back, the installation should start.

Is the Parler App Safe to Use?

Honestly, there are no problems with installing or using the app or apk file we have provided. Since the app was only released in the play store, you should be able to use the app without any problem if you were able to install the app with third-party sources. Although finding the apk file from a known source is the only major problem here. Because if you install an app from an untrusted site, you may have infected your android phone with malware.

Please note that APK files might have unwanted malicious code in them. Make sure to scan the APK file with a suitable anti-virus service before installing the application on your device. To make sure of any problems, try downloading the APK file from the official Parler website.


As you can see, the Parler APK file is simple to download and install on your Android device. Be responsible for anything you post on the Parler app. There is little research that can mean that you can post anything that could harm a person in any way. It’s best to show respect to other users at the Parler and avoid using sarcasm or a tone that could lead to violence.

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