How to Fix Google Drive Download Quota Exceeded

download quota exceeded

In this article, I will teach you. How to fix Google Drive download quota exceeded error. One of the great things about Google Drive is that you can download, share, and collaborate files with multiple people. Nevertheless, if those groups become larger or you are trying to upload larger files, you may be able to enter usage limits. That usage limits may result in the error that your download quota exceeded.

There are a few practical ways to avoid this Google Drive download quota exceeded error, which we will cover in this article.

What Causes the Download Quota Exceeded Error?

Your Google Drive account comes with the following limits (most users never reached):

  • 750 GB daily upload limit between your My Drive account and share drives.
  • No further uploads are allowed on the day you reach the 750 GB limit.
  • Each file upload cannot be larger than 5 TB.

There are no download restrictions listed, but generally, if you share a large file with multiple users who download it in a short time, Google may block the file from further download for 24 hours to prevent abuse.

This is the second issue that can lead to the “Download quota exceeded” error. It can be inconstant because you have no way of knowing how several other people have already downloaded the same file you are trying to download.

How the Google Drive Download Quota Works

When you are trying to download a shared file from Google Drive, you may see two errors related to the daily download limit for shared files. The first is the “Download quota exceeded” error and the second one replies “Sorry you can not view or download this file at this time.”

The problem with sharing a large file with many people (such as providing a download link for your website or a multimedia social media account) is that most people can attempt to download that file at the same time.

download quota exceeded

This unusual bandwidth spike will create Google’s internal filter filters and create these errors for users trying to download the file to your account. All users will be locked from downloading the file 24 hours a day.

While this may sound annoying, the bandwidth limit is in place for good reason. There are many cases of people publicly sharing links to pirated movies or music through their Google Drive account. The bandwidth filter helps Google identify and prevent those users from using Google Drive.

But this also means that if you are part of an organization with a very large number of members and you are trying to share a document or brochure with members, this limit will create problems.

How to Bypass Google Drive Download Limit

You can still download the file without causing the “Download quota exceeded” error. It just takes some extra steps to change the Google Drive account you are downloading from your own.

To do this, you will need to save a copy to your Google Drive account first.

Step 1. Make sure you’ve already signed in to your Google Drive account.

Step 2. You can select the link to the shared Google Drive file that you want to download.

download quota exceeded

If you are already signed in to your Google Account, this will open a copy of the file within your account. You will see a status above this which means that a copy has been added to your account. However, it is not always obvious where the copy was stored.

Step 3. Save the copy of the file in the Google Drive folder of your choice by selecting File> Make a copy.

download quota exceeded

Step 4. Also, Browse to the folder where you want to save the copy and select it. Select the Select button to choose it. Then select OK to finish.

download quota exceeded

This moves the file from the original account it was shared from your Google Drive account. Since your Google Drive account is also on Google servers, this is not a download file.

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Now that a copy of the original file is in your account, and no one else is downloading it, you can continue downloading it now to your local computer without any download quota limits.

Download File From Your Own Account

You can now close the window where you were viewing the original file. Browse the folder in your Google Drive account where you made a copy of the file.

You now have two ways to download the file to your computer. you can right-click on the file and select Download.

how to fix google drive download quota exceeded error

Once the file has been downloaded, you will see it available in the download file of your browser. For Google Chrome, this is in the lower-left corner.

download quota exceeded

Just select the down arrow to the file name right and choose what you want to do with this file.

The second download option is double-clicking the file to open it. You can select File from the menu, next select Download and choose the file format you want to download the file.

how to fix google drive download quota exceeded error

This will download the file and appear in the browser as well as above.

How to Fix Download Quota Exceeded Error If You are the Owner

If you are hosting a shared file to many people in your Google Drive account, the fix for this error is slightly different.

Your problem is the fact that more people have downloaded your shared file that triggered the Google filter to block future downloads. This block conflicts with that particular file, not your Google Drive account itself.

This means that any other shared files can still be downloaded. If you open the first file now that has downloads blocked in the “different” file, you can get the download working again.

To do this, simply right-click on the original file and select Make a copy.

how to fix google drive download quota exceeded error

You will see a new file appear with “A copy of” in front of the original filename.

how to fix google drive download quota exceeded error

Once, the file will be shared with the same people as the original file that got blocked. Nevertheless, with so many people downloading an old file, it may be important to limit how many people can download the copy.

You can right-click on the file and select Share.

If you have given access to this file to someone on the Internet with the link, it may be worthwhile to change this to limit.

In the Get Link section, select Change.

how to fix google drive download quota exceeded error

Use the dropdown to change this setting Restricted.

how to fix google drive download quota exceeded error

This means that only the people with whom you shared the file can open or download it. Right-click on the file, select Share and add all the emails or groups you want to grant access to.

If you want to allow anyone visiting your website or social media posts to download the file, setting up an embedded Google form is a good idea, where people can request access to the file.

This way you can make sure that most people do not download the file and putting your Google Drive account at risk from a ban from Google.

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