2 Best Ways to Export Contacts in Gmail Account


In this article, I will teach you 2 best ways to export contacts in Gmail Account. You would need to use Google Contacts to export Gmail contacts, which you can do from Gmail itself.

Contacts can be exported to all of the email addresses, like Outlook, in a CSV or vcard format. This is only possible with the Google Contacts app for users of Gmail on the web and Android smartphone users. The web interface for export contacts is needed by iPhone and iPad users, as the Google Contacts app is not available for these devices

1. Export Gmail Contacts on Win OS, macOS

You can easily export Gmail contacts once you have signed in, by using Gmail from your web browser on your Windows Desktop or Laptop and also macOS.

Open the website of Gmail and press the button in the top-right corner of the app menu (consisting of several points). Select the “Contacts” option in the drop-down menu.


You will see a list of your saved user contacts on Google Contacts. You will see this list.

If you would like to select specific export contacts, click the checkbox on the right-hand side of each entry in the “Contacts” section.


After you have selected your contacts, select the “Export” option on the left-hand menu panel (or export all saved contacts).


You will find the contacts that you want to export in the “Export Contacts” pop-up window. If you just want to export your selected contacts, choose the default “Selected Contacts.”

So that, you will have to identify which contacts you want directly below from the download menu to export. You may like, for example, to export all the contacts saved or an automatically created list of email addresses regular basis contacted.

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Choose the export form in the “Export As” section. You can export CSV files if you are using Gmail or Outlook, or vCards that can be used by mobile devices such as iPhones.

To export your contacts, click the Export button.


At this stage, you are encouraged to download the file. Select the correct file name and save it to your PC or to your macOS. Then you can import this to a different email service or another Google account instead.

2. Export Gmail Contacts on Mobile Devices

You can export Gmail contacts directly using the Google Contacts app if you own an Android phone or tablet instead of using the Gmail app. If you have an iPhone or iPad, instead of export contacts from your Google account, use the web interface (as mentioned above).

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Open the Google Contacts app on your Android device and tap the icon on your left-top of the Hamburg menu.

export contacts

Tap the “Setting” option from the menu.

export contacts

Tap the Export option, which appears in the category “Contact Manage,” on the menu “Settings.”

export gmail

If you are logging in to several Google accounts on your device, tap the checkbox next to the account you want to export. When you are ready, select the option “Export to.VCF File.”

export gmail

The Google Contacts app will save a copy of your contacts to your computer as a vCard file. You can import it to another service or app on your current device or move it to another device (including a Windows 10 PC, macOS, iPhone, iPad, or other Android devices) to import it instead.

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