6 Best Ways to Fix Netflix Error Code F7702-1003

netflix error code f7702-1003

In this article, I will teach you. 6 best ways to fix Netflix error code F7702-1003. Speaking of OTT (Over-the-top) content streaming platform, Netflix is one of the world’s most popular services. The favorite aspect is that you can stream Netflix on your smart TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV, mobile devices, computers, and Blu-ray players, among other devices. Unfortunately, some users are reporting Netflix Error Code F7702-1003 on their PCs.

It appears that most Firefox browser users are experiencing a certain Netflix error code while attempting to stream content on their computer. “Whoops, something went wrong…” it says. Error in Playback – There appears to be a Firefox issue stopping Netflix from starting playback. Please make sure you are using the most current version of Firefox.”

Meanwhile, other Chrome browser users have also encountered this problem. Some users have also mentioned that they received an error message such as “Plugin has crashed”. According to the Netflix Help Center, if you are receiving the error code F7702-1003 on your computer that means either your Firefox component has become outdated or the browser needs to be refreshed.

How Can You Fix Netflix Error Code F7702-1003?

Therefore, we have shared all the troubleshooting steps below that should resolve the problem completely. Immediately, without wasting any time, let’s get into it.

1. Restart your computer

It is recommended that you shut down your computer and turn it on again the system if any temporary data cache appears. Next, you can try downloading Netflix to check the problem again. This may help many users.

2. Update Mozilla Firefox

Well, a web browser upgrade is necessary if you are using it for streaming content because there may be a few bugs or issues with the current version of the browser that needs to be updated. When you update to the latest version, most bugs will fix whatsoever.

Launch your Firefox browser> Click on the hamburger menu icon from the top right side.

netflix error code f7702-1003

Click Help in the list> Select About Firefox.

netflix error code f7702-1003

A small window will open and if there is updates are available, Firefox will automatically start downloading and installing the update.

netflix error code f7702-1003
  • When you’re done, it will ask you to ‘Restart Firefox and Update‘.
  • When prompted by UAC (User Account Control), click Yes to grant administrator access.
  • Your updated Firefox browser will now open and you’re ready to go.

This process should help you to fix Netflix Error Code F7702-1003. Nevertheless, the problem persists, be sure to follow the procedure.

3. Reinstall the Firefox CDM

Chances are that the Widevine Content Decryption Module (CDM) extension is not available in your Firefox browser for some unknown reason. It allows your browser to stream online content under DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology. Consequently, re-installing Firefox CDM will do the job in most cases.

  • Open the Firefox browser on your computer.
  • Presently, You can click on the Hamburger Menu icon from the top right side.
netflix error code f7702-1003

Click on Options> Select your content type or file format from the list.

netflix error code f7702-1003
  • Be sure to check the box next to ‘Play DRM-controlled content’.
  • However, if the box has already been checked, you will need to simply uncheck the box.
  • Wait about 15 seconds and then recheck the ‘Play DRM-controlled content’ box.
  • When you’re done, close the tab.
netflix error code f7702-1003
  • Click Hamburger Menu again> Go to Add-ons and themes.
  • Select Plugins from the left pane> Check whether the Widevine Content Decryption Module (CDM) appears under ‘Enabled’ or not. If not enable, just wait.
netflix error code f7702-1003

Finally, you can restart Firefox and try viewing the Netflix Error Code F7702-1003 again.

4. Clear Netflix Cookies From Browser

It looks like Netflix cookies on your web browser store a lot of outdated data that can be very annoying. We would recommend that you try to clear the Netflix cookies from your browser by visiting this link. You can ensure that you are logged in to your account. However, if this method does not work, you can consider the following method.

Another alternative is to clear browser cookies and site data completely to easily resolve various issues related to web browsing. There is a chance that corrupted cached data is blocking your Windows computer from connecting to the Netflix server.

Since some errors appear in your Firefox browser, you can follow the steps below:

  • You can open the Firefox browser> Click on the Menu icon.
  • Click Options> Click Privacy and Security from the left pane.
netflix error code f7702-1003
  • Now, click Clear Data from Cookies and Site Data options.
  • Select Clear again to complete the task.
  • When you’re done, be sure to restart your Firefox browser to apply the changes.

Finally, you will be ready to stream Netflix content.

6. Use an Alternate Browser or Device

To be more specific, it may be that your Mozilla Firefox browser is having problems with online content streaming or a stored browser cache. It is best to use another browser temporarily to see if the problem still appears to you or not.

Sometimes the chances are high that maybe your device or computer has a problem. So, you can try using another computer or Netflix-enabled device can resolve the problem completely.

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