2 Best Ways to Fix Genshin Impact Daily Log-in Not Working

how to fix genshin impact daily log-in not working

In this article, I will teach you. How to fix Genshin Impact daily log-in not working issue. Genshin Impact has no better choice right now. Once it comes to action RPGs that have outstanding graphics with anime-style visuals and enhanced gameplay controls. miHoYo did a wonderful job by developing this game, and at the time of writing this article, it’s now one of the popular RPGs. Therefore, the game isn’t free from bugs or crashes and the Genshin Impact daily log-in not working problem is one of them.

2 Best Ways to Fix Genshin Impact Daily Log-in Not Working


This particular issue is preventing players from receiving daily rewards which primarily lowers the XP points, Mora currency, Primogems, and much more. In such a case, you are trying to play Genshin Impact on your computer, and the spin wheel isn’t working for some unexpected reason, then you should follow some of the requirements or workarounds mentioned below. You can also like 4 Best Ways to Fix Origin Error Code 10.0 in Windows 10.

How to Fix Genshin Impact Daily Log-in Not Working Step by Step Guide

  • First, remember that your Genshin Impact account is linked with miHoYo’s HoYolab. [This is very important]
  • Next, try signing out of your account, then signing back to refresh any kind of cache or glitch problem.
  • Smartphone users can easily restart their devices and verify for the same.

I’m talking about the daily log-in rewards, HoYolab is the official forum that controls a certain segment. So, if you’re having problems with the daily log-in reward on your account, make sure to report the same with the relevant details on the forum page.

While it is strange to use two accounts to grab daily rewards in the game, make sure both are connected to claim daily log-in rewards. However, if you face the same problem, you can try performing the additional steps below.

Make sure you clear Browser cache and cookie data in the settings menu as we do to clear browsing history and multiple sign-in sites. This will help your browser free up cache data or glitch data and refresh the browser system to easily see new changes or elements.

Method 2. Try Using a Different Browser

Another thing you can easily do is simply use a different web browser on the computer to check if the problem is still visible to you or not. In most cases, using a different browser can easily fix most issues or whatsoever.

While there are no possible workarounds available for the console users. I think miHoYo will come up with a peach to fix this type of bug very soon. Till then, stay tuned for more information about Genshin Impact.

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