Download Google Camera for Realme Phones [Gcam 8.1 APK]

google camera gcam 8.1 apk

Google Camera 8.1 version was recently released for Pixel smartphones, and we all know that the official Google Camera app is only available for Pixel models through the Google Play Store. But thanks to Android’s open-source and hardworking developers, we’re able to use a customized or manually installed GCam app on any Android device depending on the Android OS. Here I have shared the link to Download Google Camera for All Realme Phones (Gcam 8.1 APK).

Realme is an OPPO subsidiary brand, and both are known for their entry-level to high-end Android smartphones, as well as certain accessories or IoT products. While Realme smartphones come with an excellent camera setup, a photo processing or stock camera app may not be able to justify the quality of the captured image. So, if you’re a Realme handset user and want the best camera app, GCam is the best.

Google Camera Features

It seems that even if you have a decent camera lens or low megapixel resolution on your Android device, the Google Camera app (GCam APK) is much better. The stock camera app is preinstalled by the manufacturer. The Google Camera app is powerful enough to affect the best photos close to reality with an amazing level of dynamic range, brightness, clarity, contrast, enhanced night mode, etc.

It also includes astrophotography mode, motion blur, motion mode, Google Lens integration, slow-motion videos, panorama mode, high shot feature, burst shots, audio zoom, flash intensity, photo sharing menu, an enhanced mode for HDR and HDR+, improved saturation level. Advanced Settings, OIS, animation, other image filters, and more. You can find many features mentioned in other stock camera apps.

However, the Google Camera app’s image optimization and rendering capabilities are quite outstanding. We would like to thank all the GCam port developers as well as the original Google Camera app for making it possible for Android users. However, you should check other requirements or compliance information before jumping into the download.

Requirements and Compatibility

  • Your Realme device must have a Camera2 API enabled. Most of the latest Realme devices come by default with it by default. If not, you will have to turn it on.
  • Now, the GCam Mod or Port is compatible with the Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs.
  • Most GCam APKs only support ARM64 formats.
  • If your Realme device is running Android 10 or earlier. The newest Google Camera version (8.1 or higher) may not perform adequately

Download Google Camera for Realme Phones [Gcam 8.1 APK]

Depending on the model number or chipset, the GCam build may vary slightly. So, you can download any of them and try running completely to check if everything is working properly or not. If not, you can uninstall the GCam app and simply try another build one at a time.

Install GCam APK on All Realme Devices [Step By Step]

Step 1. Make sure the Unknown Sources option is turned on your device. Go to the Settings menu> Security/Privacy> Enable it. [If already enabled, skip to installation]

Step 2. Now, you can download the GCam APK file depending on your model or preferences in the download link above your phone.

Step 3. Go to the File Manager application and press the downloaded GCam APK file.

Step 4. It will launch the interface of the package> Tap on Install.

Step 5. The application will start installing and when done, tap on Open to start using it.

Step 6. You’re done.

However, if the GCam camera app doesn’t install or malfunction (crashing), then make sure to re-enable the Camera2 API mode on your handset by using the build.prop editor on your file manager to grant access to the system. The next command line must be included in the build.prop editor and save it.

When you are done, restart your handset and try to install the GCam APK file again on your device using the same method above. I hope it will work perfectly.

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