2 Best Ways to Hide Text Messages on iPhone

how to hide text messages on iphone

In this article, I will teach you. How to hide text messages on iPhone. As you should be aware, iPhone shows a short message preview in the new message notifications. If this worries you, you can follow the steps to Hide Text Messages on your iPhone and prevent them from being seen by others.

Hide Text Message on iPhone

Whenever a new iMessage or Text Message is found on the iPhone, it instantly alerts you with a New Message Alert, appearing in the notification area and on the Lock Screen of your device.

To provide you with an idea about the content of the incoming Message, iPhone shows a short preview or selected Message content in the New Message Notification.

Although this feature is very simple, it also provides a great opportunity for people around you to predict your activities by taking a look at Message Previews appearing on your iPhone.

Depending on your privacy requirements, you can completely disable message previews on iPhone or disable message previews on the lock screen, while allowing yourself in the notification area.

Method 1. Completely Hide Messages on iPhone

If you are using the default Messaging App, you can follow the steps below to completely prevent Text Message Previews from appearing on your iPhone.

  • Go to Settings> Notifications> Messages> on the next screen, tap on the Show Previews option, located under the ‘Options‘ section.
hide text message on iphone
  • On the next screen, select the Never option to disable iMessage and Text Message Previews on iPhone.
how to hide text message on iphone lock screen

After this, you will no longer receive messages or SMS Text Message Previews appearing in New Message Notifications. New message notifications will only show the sender’s name.

Method 2. Hide Text Messages on iPhone Lock Screen

This method prevents a preview of the text message from appearing on the Lock Screen of the iPhone while allowing them to appear in daily notifications for new messages, appearing in the notification area.

  • Go to Settings> Notifications> scroll down and tap Messages.
how to hide text messages on your iphone
  • On the next screen, uncheck the Lock Screen option available under the “ALERTS” section by tapping on it.
hide text messages on iphone

You will no longer see iMessage or Text Message Previews on your device’s Lock Screen.

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