How to Download & Install Windows 11 Leaked (Build 21966.1)

Windows 11

In this article, I will teach you. How to download and install Windows 11 Leaked Build 21966.1 step by step guide. Download Windows 11 iso file via direct links with size 4.54GB (a version that was leaked and is a developer preview. The American giant Microsoft is preparing as we discuss the release of the Windows 11 operating system on June 24 at 11 am ET, according to the confirmation official Windows account on Twitter.

While the official event that will be revealing the new operating system is a few days ago, Win 11 Developer Preview has already been leaked and is now available for download and installation by experienced fans and all users. Therefore, do you want to try out the new Microsoft update on your computer or laptop? Then start downloading the OS iso from the direct links attached below, and follow the steps to update it, or install it first.

Windows 11: Developer Preview

Now I have the leaked version of Windows 11 with build number 21996.1. While some people have successfully installed Win 11 ISO directly on their desktop computers, others have said that they first need a “virtual machine software” to try out the new Windows installation.

download windows 11 iso build 21996.1

Sneak Peek Windows 11

Next, you can see some pictures of Windows 11 Developer Preview (the version you will download from below), knowing that yesterday I shared a complete set of Win 11 wallpapers open from this version also in full resolution.

As you can see from the previous images, the new Windows 11 OS has a completely new user interface and is a powerful update to the same interface designs in Windows 10. The first thing you will see when you install Win 11 is that the new OS features a new boot logo. Also modified from the design of Windows itself. Also, the standard white Windows theme has changed its subtle color a little so that it has become a light blue and has come with support for many default themes. Additionally, as you can see in the Images, the taskbar bar icons are now centered near the start menu button.

System Requirements for Windows 11

  • Processor: Quad-core 2GHz or faster
  • RAM: 4GB or more
  • Display: 1680 × 1050 pixels
  • Hard Disk: Capacity: 18GB or higher

Download Windows 11 Leaked ISO Build (21996.1)

Windows 11 ISO is now available for download by all users, the only version that has been leaked and first seen by
XDA Developers. The links attached below are directly linked to the new OS iso file – so you can simply create an external bootable USB stick with the new OS and use it to install this Windows beta version, you can also use an official Microsoft tool like Windows DVD Tool as an example.

OSWindows 11 ISO
VersionBuild 21996.1 (64-Bit Version)
Last UpdatedJune 16, 2021
ISO Size4.54 GB

The following download links are available below here:

Download Windows 11 ISO: AndroidFileHost
ISO Direct Link: CLIENT_CONSUMER_x64FRE_en-us.iso
Mirrors Links: Google Drive Link1 | Google Drive Link2
Get this Torrent: Download ISO

Important Notice: It looks like Microsoft is launching a powerful campaign on all sites that upload the leaked copy of Windows, so we try our best to update your download links regularly. Therefore, we apologize in advance if the download link isn’t working properly, so please let us know in the comments so we can modify it.

How to Install Windows 11 [Step by Step Guide 2021]

So, in both cases, you can follow the usual steps to install Win 11 eye on your laptop or PC, by following the same steps to install Windows 10 using USB flash drives, the other way would be to download the latest version of
VM VirtualBox >> And in the settings, you can choose to install Windows 10 – 64-bit.

how to download install windows 11

These eye scanning steps should apply to all types of desktop devices and laptops without affecting the system you are currently using. Also, you should know that we are talking about a beta version that is intended for developers, so it may not be suitable for your daily use.

Check Out the Screenshots of Windows 11 [Installation Guide]

If you Want a detailed explanation? Then you can go to the installation of Windows 11 ISO Steps using three different methods! And after burning the ISO file to an external USB stick, just follow the installation steps in these images in order.

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