How to Fix Screen Flickering Issue After Android 12 Update

screen flickering issue

Screen flickering issues on Android 12 can be very embarrassing. It spoils your whole feeling of using the device. Unfortunately, the problem was very common on Android devices, especially after the Android 12 update. Users seem very disappointed with this issue and are constantly complaining in various forums, hoping for a positive response that can fix this issue. Since the problem is not limited to a specific group of devices but almost all Android phones, it may be a problem with the update itself.

However, if there is a problem with the newly updated version, we can expect it to be fixed soon with the next update. However, if you are experiencing a problem and want a temporary fix until the next update, here are some tips to help you do just that. See this article for practical ways to fix the screen flickering issue after the Android 12 update.

How to Fix Screen Flickering Issue After Android 12 Update

Most users have reported experiencing this screen flickering situation when they are typing or watching YouTube videos. However, to say the least, it is a very difficult situation as, unless the screen is working properly, you cannot do much on your smartphone.

Fix 1: Close All Apps From the Background

Apps running in the background of your device, especially complex applications, use many of your CPU and GPU resources. Therefore, if you have a lot of apps running in the background, it can degrade the performance of your device. And finally, it can also cause a variety of issues, including the screen flickering issue.

So, if you have such trouble, close all the apps in the background. This will free up CPU resources and often also clear many temporary errors on the device. As a result, if the screen flickering issue on your device is some kind of error, it will help fix it.

Fix 2: Force Reboot Your Device

If the first method seems too common to solve the issue, and it does not, you should probably try to force a reboot of your device. Different Android devices have different ways of forcing a device to restart. Therefore, you can search for a way to force a reboot of the device you are using. If the screen flickering on your device is due to an error, resetting it will fix everything.

Fix 3: Modify the Screen Resolution

In another happening, it was observed that the screen flickering issue keeps on occurring in the HD screen resolution. Nevertheless, changing the resolution from HD to FHD has proven to be effective in most cases.

screen flickering issue keeps

Therefore, it may also be the most effective solution for the screen flickering issue on your Android device.

Fix 4: Check for Malware and Virus

If it is not a major error, your device likely has malware or any virus that causes this flickering issue. A virus or malware may trigger such situations when your screen might show flickering instances.

android 12 update

We recommend that you download any free antivirus application from the Playstore and test your device for possible viruses or malware.

Fix 5: Check for Prank Apps

Yes, this sounds silly, but there are many prank apps available in the play store that can cause screen flickering, fake calls, or false sounds from your device.

Now, such apps are not harmful or cause real system issues, but are just for fun and funny tricks. Your friends or siblings may have added them to your phone.

To uninstall such prank applications, open the settings and navigate to the All Apps section.

how to fix screen flickering issue after android 12 update

Here, find any suspicious or prank apps and uninstall them.

Fix 6: Factory Reset the Device

Whenever we hear of a factory reset, it always comes unexpectedly as we fear losing data. However, if the screen flickering issue is your biggest issue right now, and in any case, in the event of a firmware problem, the factory reset should fix it.

Make sure to back up all important files to your SD card, cloud, or another device before factory resetting your device. Here are the steps to do so:

Step 1. First, open your device settings.

Step 2. Next, go to System and choose Backup & Reset.

flickering issue

Step 3. Now, click the erase option and select “clear all data.”

screen flickering issue

Step 4. Finally, select Format Phone Storage and press Clear Now.

However, if all these options do not work, we have a few tricks in our hands. This is especially recommended for users who are already experiencing the same problem, and many of them find it useful.

Fix 7: Wipe Cache Partition

In most cases, however, wiping cache partitions can effectively address such issues. And it has already been successful for some users. You can simply restart your device on the recovery screen and proceed to wipe the cache partition. Additionally, make sure you select the option for repair apps too. It will cure all the infected applications on your device.

Fix 8: Inspect the Hardware

The screen flickering issue may be due to a hardware error on the part of the screen itself. If there is a hardware error, you should replace your screen at an authorized service center.

You can easily check the hardware error by downloading the image below and seeing if there are any screen fluctuations while viewing this image.

If there is, it is a clear indication that the screen is damaged and needs to be replaced!


The screen flickering issue after the Android 12 update has become quite common. While the problem will be solved soon, I hope that with the next update, there will be some strategies that you would like to try for a short period of time. These methods are useful in many similar situations and are not very difficult to use.

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