How to Prevent Invalid AdSense Clicks in WordPress

adsense clicks

In this article, I’ll tell you how to prevent Invalid Adsense Clicks in WordPress. Invalid WordPress clicks and impressions that are typically generated by bots or spammers result in invalid AdSense clicks. Your AdSense account may be suspended if you have a large number of invalid clicks.

What are Invalid AdSense Clicks?

Invalid AdSense clicks are any clicks on your ads that occur as a result of invalid traffic.

What does Google consider invalid traffic?

  • Clicks or impressions from website owners clicking on their ads
  • One or more users’ repeated ad clicks or impressions
  • Owners of websites who entice users to click on their ads by accident
  • Bots and robots are automated tools that are used to manipulate impressions and clicks

If you get real people looking at your ads and clicking, you’re OK.

But often you get traffic from low-quality sources to your website. One form of this is the bot traffic that clicks on the ads to be displayed.

Does Google AdSense Detect Invalid Clicks?

Yes, Google has a very advanced platform that automatically detects all invalid clicks.

Usually, Google will not take action against accounts until there is a high level of invalid traffic and clicks.

Double ad clicks and other errors are common for small amounts of bot and crawler traffic and so they prefer to ignore it.

After all, Google automatically adjusts the results of your account earning to take out bot traffic and bogus clicks. These adjustments are made both in real-time and at the end of the month.

The easiest way to prevent a penalty account is to stop invalid traffic from hitting the platform in the first place. Incorrect clicks will be reported to the Google Adsense team, but this doesn’t free your account from the responsibility.

How to Secure Google AdSense from invalid Clicks in WordPress

Invalid clicks are a challenge to your WordPress blog and your ability to make money online, particularly if it’s an ongoing problem.

You should do three things to keep your Google AdSense account well-kept:

  • Monitor your traffic and identify any invalid sources.
  • Ensure that the ad placements meet AdSense guidelines.
  • Use the WordPress AdSense protection plugin to block invalid traffic and click

Get to know the Ad Traffic and WordPress Visitors

The root problem of invalid AdSense clicks is your traffic.

As an owner of the WordPress website, you are responsible for the traffic the website receives. That’s why it’s so important to consider how people navigate and use your website.

MonsterInsights is the best way to monitor your website traffic and analytics. It’s the best analytics solution for WordPress and is used by more than 2 million website owners like you.

There’s also a free edition of MonsterInsights that allows you access to the most relevant analytical results.

If your plugin has been set up, in your WordPress dashboard, you can access your Google Analytics report. Only go to Insights » Reports and get a quick overview of your traffic.

adsense clicks

You should compare the Google Analytics and Google AdSense data to see if any traffic sources cause invalid clicks.

Perhaps you have noticed that your way is spam traffic on a single low-quality website?

Or, if your post to a certain Facebook group, the traffic back to your website is mostly bot traffic?

Avoid Accidental Visitor Clicks on WordPress

You could get invalid clicks from your visitors by accidentally clicking on the ads.

Suppose that your ads are too close to the rest of your content, or that your ads are in places that make your site difficult to use. In that case, your visitors might make a mistake by clicking on your Google ads.

For eg, if you have an ad directly below the drop-down menu, it could lead visitors to click the ad on an accident.

One other common mistake is the use of ad units that look like content and navigation links. If a person clicks the ad, assuming they’re searching your page, this might lead to unintended clicks.

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