IDM Serial Keys Updated List [Sep 2021]

idm serial keys

In this article, I will tell you. IDM serial keys updated list [September 2021]. The Internet Download Manager is a state-of-the-art download management software developed by Tonec.Inc. IDM works not only to download the file but also to control the downloading of a file, also managing the download. This software has several features such as downloading software at the same time, pause and restart a download and cancel the download.

IDM is very beneficial and supports users in many ways. But when we download IDM, we get free software for 30 days only. After 30 days we must pay to use it again. So to avail of the premium features, there are IDM serial keys that can be used by someone to crack the IDM premium feature. IDM serial keys are a benefit for those who don’t have to pay.

How to Use Free Internet Download Manager Step by Step Guide

Download Internet Download Manager from here. Once you have downloaded and installed the software and used the serial keys to activate IDM Free, you can also like Graphisoft ARCHICAD 23 Free Download for Windows 11,10.

How to Install IDM

After download the IDM Program from the link above, you must install the application to use it. The installation process is very simple, here are a few simple steps below.

Step 1. After that, you have downloaded the IDM setup, launch it and select the IDM.exe file. After that, a window will appear and will notify you of the first step of the installation, in the window press and click the Next button.

serial keys

Step 2. A next window will appear which is on license for Internet Download Management. Press the Next button.

internet download manager

Step 3. This is followed by a second window that asks you to specify where you want the IDM software installed. If you don’t want to install IDM in the location in which the Window’s destination folder is displayed, then you can change its location by pressing the Browse button and selecting your preferred location. Then press the Next Button.

idm serial keys 2021

Step 4. After that, in the next window that will appear, press the Next button.

how to add idm extenshion to chrome

Step 5. Finally, press the Finish button. The IDM will be downloaded.

IDM Serial Keys List [2021]

If you download IDM, you get a free IDM trial for the first 30 days. But after that, you have to pay to continue IDM service. The IDM Serial Keys is 20 digits that are used to crack the premium version of the IDM after the expiration date. Those are the list of the newest keys of IDM. Now, you can enter these Serial Keys to Activate IDM free of cost.

I personally do not recommend using IDM crack and keygen. Crack and keygen files may contain malware. Therefore, I suggest you buy IDM or try activating it using the IDM Serial Keys provided below.

  • 349U2-TUT4H-6HGGJ-2CHUK
  • 629U7-XLT5H-6SCGJ-2CENZ
  • F9TZ9-P6IGF-SME74-2WP21

How to Use IDM

When you open the IDM program, you will see this interface visible as below.

Below the menu bar, there are several icon buttons, these are the main download management buttons. They are very important and help you manage your downloads. ADD URL, START/RESUME, STOP, STOP ALL, DELETE, OPTION, SCHEDULER, and follow these steps below.

Step 1. To download a file, just go to the ADD URL button and Click on it.

Step 2. After that, a window will appear, and you must enter the URL. You can enter the URL yourself or select an URL from the options provided.

Step 3. Now the Save as a button will get activated, and you can save it to download it later, or you can start downloading it yourself by clicking the Start/Resume button.

Step 4. After that, a dialog will appear indicating progress, download speed, estimated completion time, current download status, etc. A dialog in the IDM shows you the status of each download.

Without this, press the Pause button to postpone the download, cancel the download button, stop every button available to stop all ongoing downloads at the time. The Stop button will stop the download for that file for which you intend to do so. By pressing the ‘delete’ button, the current download will be erased. You can also schedule the download by the scheduler button as you set the built-in timer to set the download time.

How to Add IDM Extension to Search Engine

Below are various ways to add IDM Extension to your search engine.

How to Add IDM Extenshion in Goolge Chrome Browser

To Add IDM Extension in Google Chrome, you need to add the IDM extension to Google Chrome as follows these steps.

Step 1. First, you can go to the 3 dot icons at the top right of the screen and then click them.

serial keys

Step 2. Then, you can go to more TOOLS and go to extensions.

internet download manager

Step 3. Now, you can go to your Internet Download Manager and open the folder and find the file name “IDMGExt.crx”.

Step 4. Finally, drag the file “IDMGExt.crx” to the extension area. After this, the extension has been added.

idm serial keys


IDM Serial keys are an exceptional way to enjoy IDM premium content. They help you to enjoy a premium item without having to pay for it. But, this article doesn’t promote any copyright infringement of any software.

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