6 Best Ways to Fix Instagram Filters Not Working

instagram filters not working

In this article, I will teach you. How to fix Instagram filters not working. Over the years, Instagram has proven to be a reliable social media platform with minimal bugs affecting the interface. However, users have reported issues with it. One issue that has troubled a few users is the unavailability of filters. Instagram has all sorts of filters for posts and stories, but sometimes they don’t work.

It’s a rare occurrence, but for people who struggle with it, it can be frustrating. But it is not hopeless. There is a fix for it, and here in this article, I will look at all of them. You will be able to add filters to your post after trying some of these fixes. Now, without any more ado, let’s get began. You can also like this post 3 Ways to Fix iOS 15 Swipe Right Notification Issue.

6 Best Ways to Fix Instagram Filters Not Working

We will move on from the simplest fix to the hardest of all in this article. Follow that order, and any of these adjustments will surely solve your problem.

instagram filters are not working

1. Restart Your Phone

As simple as it may sounds, the first thing you might want to try on this issue is a simple phone restart. Simply you can press and hold the power button on your smartphone to restart it.

After the reboot is complete, check again with Instagram. If the filter does not work, try the following solution below.

2. Restart the Application

If there is non-compliance with the application, you can try restarting the system completely. Just open the settings menu, go to the apps menu, open Instagram, and tap on the Force stop button.

You will see a pop-up requesting confirmation. Give that confirmation and open the app again.

If the filter still does not work, try the following solution below.

3. Update Instagram

Some versions of an application can be buggy if features are released immediately. But the thing about updates is that new updates will always come to take care of the bugs from older versions.

So open the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, search Instagram, and open the application page. After that, tap the app update button and wait until the app is updated to the latest version. When that is completed, try applying filters to Instagram again.

If the filter does not work, try the following solution below.

4. Clear the Application Cache Data

When we use an application, the right amount of application information is collected over time. Respectively, both application data and cache data for an application are easily kept in the internal storage of a device. If there is an issue with the application cache memory, you may experience an issue with the app.

And this Instagram filter issue may also be related to cache data. So go to the app settings page and tap on the storage section. You will see the option to clear the cache memory now. Tap on it and open the Instagram application again. It may take a while for the app to load for the first time after clearing out the cache data.

If the filter does not work, try the following solution below.

5. Clear the Garbage on Your Phone

Sure, this is an unusual workaround, but amazingly, it has worked for most Instagram users who are having difficulty utilizing the filters. When we delete any image, it is moved to a recently deleted folder or trash folder. It stays there for a few days before removing it completely from the trash folder.

If you have a few files stored in a trash folder, delete them immediately. When the trash folder is empty, open Instagram again. Instagram’s filters should now function properly.

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6. Reinstall the Application

If none of these solutions work, then as a last resort, you can try re-installing the app on your phone. However, this will require you to sign in again and properly clear out the data. First, go to the app settings page and tap on the storage section. There you will see an option to clear app data. Tap on that option, which will delete all Instagram data stored on that device. After that, tap the Uninstall button and confirm your action.

After the application is released, open the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and check out Instagram again. Once you’ve found it, re-install it, and try using filters. It should work now.

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