Microsoft Edge New Feature Flip Tabs Vertically


In this article, I will tell you. Microsoft Edge new feature flip tabs vertically very long-awaited vertical tabs in Edge have finally been introduced for everyone.

  • The vertical tabs feature also comes with other news about the increased speed of the browser.
  • You can conveniently toggle your tabs vertically or horizontally with a single button press.
  • Microsoft has also announced a redesign of the history viewer as seen below.

Microsoft finally announced the latest new vertical tabs for the Edge browser almost a year ago, and now it’s here. That means, of course, that now you can have all of your tabs on the left side, one on top of the other.

But now that the sleeping tab feature, created to save the resources spent on inactive tabs, has also been introduced, Edge is becoming more attractive and quick.

That’s on top of a fantastic start-up boost that, according to the Microsoft blog post that also announced the vertical tabs implementation, would make Edge open 41 % faster.

According to a Microsoft official, the new feature Edge Browser:

With a single click, everyone can now access and control their tabs from a side pane. This allows you to see the tab titles and controls clearly, making it easier to find and toggle between the tabs you need, no matter how many you have open. When you combine this with sleeping tabs, you’ve got a browser that’s designed to give you more performance while using less power!

Microsoft Edge New Vertical Tab


You should see a dedicated button in the top-left corner of your browser if you have the most recent edition of Edge. When you click the button, your tabs will automatically be flipped vertically.

If you decide that this isn’t for you, clicking the same button again will turn the tabs horizontally, just as you remember them.

You probably didn’t install the latest Edge update if you don’t see the vertical tab flip icon. To do so, select About Microsoft Edge from the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of Edge.

The most recent update will be automatically downloaded and installed. You’ll have to restart the browser, but when it does, the new tab flipping button will appear.

Check Out the New Version in Edge


Microsoft Edge changed the way you display your history in the browser as a side note. When you browse the history, it drops down just like a menu, making it easier to manage your search history.

The history tab can be pinned to the right side of your browser to make it easier to view. The icons for the websites are also included in the list to make it easier to identify them.

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