TrueCaller Premium APK v12.19.7 (MOD, Gold) Free Download

truecaller premium apk

Download the Truecaller Premium APK with all unlocked features. Now you can check who’s looking at your profile and many other things with the Truecaller MOD APK without buying gold or a pro plan.

Whether you have Windows, iPhone, Android, or a feature phone, an important feature of all those phones is the ability to make calls. The mobile phone was first developed by an American engineer, Martin Cooper, on April 3, 1973, and the reason for this was to communicate with one another. However, some people are now misusing it.

So today I am sharing a TrueCaller Premium Mod Apk where you can get all the Premium Gold Member Features completely free.

People have begun to cheat on other people by using fake calls and text messages. And they will not be identified. Other than that, the many advertising calls and messages we receive are also annoying. As a result, working throughout the day is difficult.

People use the DND (Do Not Disturb) service to Avoid Spam Calls and Messages. But even then, many messages and calls keep coming. Which spoils the whole mind.

Does the same thing happen to you? If so, you don’t need to worry. Because today we brought you a request to save us from all these spam calls, and this will be very important to you.

NameTruecaller Gold
PublisherTrue Software Scandinavia AB
MOD FeaturesGold Premium

Truecaller Premium MOD APK

The name of this app is Truecaller Premium APK. This application will be familiar to many of you. But let me tell you, this is not the case with the Truecaller APK. This is the premium version of the Truecaller APK that you can download for free from So let’s move on without delay.

Before using the Truecaller Premium Mod APK, it is important to know what a Truecaller is, after all. Because only if you have full knowledge of the Truecaller MOD APK, then you will be able to use it properly.

If you do not know the Truecaller Mod APK, do not worry because in this post we will give you a direct link to download the Truecaller Hack APK, and we will give you complete information on this application, like the MOD APK for Truecaller Premium Gold MOD APK.

We will also provide complete information on how to create an ID in TrueCaller Gold and its features. So, guys, I think this post will be great, so don’t skip the post at all and read it from start to finish.

What is the TrueCaller Premium APK?

While giving a complete overview of the TrueCaller APK, let me tell you that on July 1, 2009, an application was made by True Software Scandinavia AB to receive spam calls. It was called Truecaller. Guys, Truecaller was created by two engineers, Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam.

Truecaller has many features besides fetching spam. It also has features such as caller identification, call blocking, flash messaging, call recording, chat, voice, etc.

Some of the amazing features of Truecaller are that you get Power Dialing, Smart SMS App, UPI Payments, and recharge (in India only) because this app is so popular with users.

The Truecaller app works well on all smartphones like Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Series 40, Symbian, Tizen, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone, etc. So you do not have to worry about what your phone will be like or whether the application will work or not.

Truecaller is the best Caller ID and Spam ID app with over 200 million active users. So far, over 500 million people have been installed this application. As a result, it is not difficult to predict its popularity.

Friends, this was information about the Truecaller APK, but now we will give you information about the Truecaller Premium APK and the Truecaller Gold APK. You’ll be able to tell how useful their paid version will be. You will be able to download it for free.

Below, we have shared the latest information about Turecaller. Along with it, we also share a little information on the old version of Truecaller that will help you understand it.

Truecaller Premium APK

The paid version of the Truecaller APK with advanced features of Truecaller is called the Truecaller Premium APK for Android. When it comes to the normal TrueCaller, you will be able to block Caller ID, calls, and Spam Messages from it.

When it comes to Truecaller Hack APK, you can use Caller ID and Spam Blocking with many additional features like call recording, Incognito Mode, Premium Badge, etc., without any ads.

In simple terms, the Truecaller Mod APK is a modified version of Truecaller created by other developers by cracking the original APK so that users can use the Truecaller premium version for free and ultimately benefit from it.

Turecaller Gold APK Pricing

Buddies Without a doubt, Truecaller is a really useful application. But it is not so good to buy a Truecaller Monthly Membership. If it is available for purchase once, I would recommend it to you.

Truecaller Premium membership is required monthly and costs $2.99 per month or $14.99 for six months. Yes, they also offer a one-time payment option, but only for annual packages. Expensive myself.

If one still wants to buy it, they can purchase Truecaller Premium using a credit card (debit cards are not supported), through their carrier plan (verify your carrier), through Paypal, or with a Google Play Gift Card.

However, we will not comment further on the price of Truecaller Premium membership because we will offer you the free Truecaller Pro APK for free.

TrueCaller Mod APK Features

It is very important to talk about the features of the Truecaller Premium Hack APK. So its features are the reason you want to download the Truecaller Pro APK. The features of the Truecaller Premium APK for free have greatly improved compared to the Truceller App, so read them carefully.

Caller ID & Spam Blocking

truecaller mod apk

Caller ID and Spam Blocking are very basic features of Truecaller, and these features are also available in the free version, so we will not talk too much about them. But I would like to explain it a little bit. Users can block unwanted calls and annoying messages. and the caller ID shows the name of the person who is calling you.

No Ads

truecaller premium mod apk

If you have used the free version of Truecaller. You should be aware that Truecaller itself sometimes annoys its users by displaying useless and repetitive ads. But when will you download the Truecaller Premium APK? This issue will never occur again.

Who Viewed My Profile

truecaller premium gold

If you have the Truecaller Premium Mod APK, with the help of this app, you can track the person who checked your profile. This is an amazing feature of Truecaller, which everyone needs at some point.

Premium Badge

truecaller gold apk

This feature is used to give you a good view of the person in front of you. You’ve got this one. If you call someone, and your phone has the Truecaller Pro APK, a Premium badge appears in front of your name on its caller screen, which seems very impressive.

truecaller premium apk

With the help of the Trucaller Premium APK, you can find someone who has checked your profile. In the same way, you can also check someone’s profile, and they will never know. To do this, you must use Incognito Mode, which is only available in this cracked version. Isn’t this a good thing? If so, then Download Truecaller Premium APK now.

Call Recording

truecaller mod apk

Nowadays, all phones have a built-in call recording feature, but even today, many people use old versions of phones and use the Call Recording app and the Truecaller app.

If you are also one of them, uninstall your call recording app with Trucaller Original APK now. Also, install the Trucaller Premium Pro APK. Because this application allows you to record phone calls.

Contact Requests

truecaller premium mod apk

By using this feature, you can send up to 30 requests per month. and make your friends at Truecaller.

So, these are all features of the Truecaller Premium APK. I hope these features make you happy. However, Truecaller gold APK Features start where the Truecaller Premium end.

We will now give you information about the Truecaller Premium Gold APK and its membership and features. And you will love them too.

Truecaller Premium Gold Membership

The glossy gold connector for ‘call ID’, “Gold” on the back of the call screen, and “Gold details view” are integral parts of Truecaller Premium’s gold membership. Truecaller free and premium versions are widely used.

Very few people buy Truecaller Premium Gold Membership. If you want to make your profile different from other Truecaller users, then Truecaller Gold is for you.

Features of Truecaller Gold

truecaller premium gold

Truecaller Gold has almost all the features provided in the Truecaller Premium Hack APK, but it has added some features such as Premium Support, Gold Caller ID, and more that make it better than Premium.

What’s New in Trucaller For Android?

  • Full-screen caller ID
  • Truecaller X
  • Truecaller Voice HD.
  • Group discussions
  • Add an emoji response to Chat messages
  • New blocking options
  • Block foreign countries.
  • You can blacklist numbers that are not in the contact list.
  • Block advanced spam (premium feature).
  • Avoid neighborly deception.

How to Download and Install Truecaller Premium Mod APK

In the same way, in this post, we will tell you how to install Truecaller MOD APK for Android. You only need to follow a few simple steps to do this.

Step 1. Click Download Link: To download this Truecaller Premium app to your phone, you need to click the download button we have provided.

Download the Truecaller APK here: your download will start and, after a while, your download will be completed in a few minutes. (Download time depends on your internet speed).

Enable Unknown Sources: To install this file, go to your phone’s settings and enable Unknown Sources.

truecaller gold apk

Step 3. Find the APK File: When you have finished downloading, go to the file manager and find the Truecaller Pro APK file, and press it.

truecaller premium apk

Step 4. Click on Install: It will prompt you to install it. Click on that button. Now, you can open the app to use the premium TrueCaller APK.

truecaller premium mod apk

Hurrah!! Everything is done now. You have your favourite application on your phone.

How to Create ID on TrueCaller

It is very simple to create an account on Truecaller. You should follow the simple steps given below to create a free account.

Step 1. You should have downloaded Truecaller on your mobile phone. Now to create an ID, start, open this app.

Step 2. After opening the application, press Start.

Step 3. The app will prompt you to ask for permission. Enable all permissions. Only then will this app work properly on your mobile phone.

Step 4. Enter your phone number and press the Continue button.

Step 5. Wait a bit. The call will go to your mobile number and auto-verification will be performed.

Step 6. After this, fill in your Frist name, surname, and Email ID and press Continue. You can also subscribe to Facebook.

Step 7. This way, your account was created in the true caller app. You can upload a photo to your profile.

Step 8. Your Truecaller caller ID is ready. You are no longer required to accomplish anything. When the call arrives, this app will do its job. So in this way, we can create an account in the Truecaller Premium Mod APK.

How to Remove the Number From Ture Caller?

Are you using Truecaller Premium and are worried about removing your number? This is easy for you, man.

Step 1. First, go to the Truecaller filter page and enter your phone number with the correct country code (example: +44 **).

Step 2. Check one of the reasons for unlisting, or if you prefer, type your reasons for removal in the other form.

Step 3. Enter a confirmation captcha and click “Unlist.”

TrueCaller Premium APK v12.19.7 (MOD, Gold) Free Download

Guys I have tried my best to give you information about the Truecaller mod APK. What I told you was how to create an ID, Truecaller Gold Membership Price, and how to apply with it. If there is anything left, you can say it in the comments.

You can start the TrueCaller Premium APK v12.19.7 (MOD, Gold) with a single click of the “Download Now” button.

I hope you like this TrueCaller Premium APK download. So you get Truecaller Premium Unlocked APK Gold/Beta and install it. If you have any questions or queries about this article, please comment below, and we’ll get back to you. Check more daily updates to subscribe to our Website and get informational articles and much more, etc.


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