How to Insert a Watermark in Word [Step By Step Guide] 2021

watermark in word

In this article, I will teach you. How to insert a watermark in Word and Google Docs on your Windows or Mac PC/Laptop. Adding a watermark to images or documents before posting them online is a great way to prevent intellectual property theft and demonstrate document ownership.

How to Insert Watermark in Word for Windows 10

You can add a text watermark or logo of your product behind the text to your document by following the steps below.

Note: The instructions in this guide apply to newer versions of Word, but we have highlighted those differences where the instructions are different.

Insert a Text Watermark in MS Word for Windows 10

You can insert a text watermark to appear in the background of all pages after the content of your document.

Step 1. Open the Word document and select Design> Watermark.

watermark in word

Step 2. Select Custom watermark > Text watermark.

watermark in word

Step 3. Choose a pre-made watermark from the Text drop-down menu. Here, you will find options such as ASAP, Don’t Copy, Draft, Confidential, Original, Top Privacy, Urgent and more.

Step 4. To add a custom text watermark, highlight pre-configured options in the Text drop-down menu, hit Delete or Backspace on the keyboard, and then type your custom text.

watermark in word

Mention: In Microsoft Word 2010 or the previous version, you can Page Layout> Watermark and select a pre-configured watermark.

Insert a Picture Watermark

An image watermark, like a logo, is an easy way to make your document look Official.

Step 1. Open a Word document, select Design> Watermark> Custom Watermark> Watermark Image.

watermark in word

Step 2. Choose Select a Picture and find your picture or search Bing images.

watermark in word

Step 3. Select Insert to add an image watermark from a file, Bing, or OneDrive in your text document.

picture watermark

How to Insert Watermark in MS-Word for Mac

If you are using a Mac, follow the steps below to insert a text or image watermark in Word.

Insert a Text Watermark

Note: In this guide, we are using the latest version of Word on Mac using macOS Big Sur.

Step 1. First, Open Microsoft Word, choose Design > Watermark from the ribbon or Insert > Watermark from the top menu.

text watermark

Step 2. Also, select Text in the Insert Watermark dialog box and type your custom text or use a pre-configured text watermark.

text watermark

Step 3. You can also set the font, size, layout, and colors to customize the watermark. To change the layout, select Design> Watermark, go to Orientation and then choose Horizontal or Diagonal.

text watermark

Note: If the watermark does not appear in the preview window, select View> Print Layout to enable preview and select OK to complete the process.

text watermark

Step 5. Increase the clarity of the watermark text if it makes it difficult to read the contents of the document. Also, you can select a lighter color for the watermark text.

Insert a Picture Watermark

First, you can insert an image like your company brand logo as a watermark to Word for Mac.

Step 1. On a Mac, select Design> Watermark> Picture> Select an image and scroll to the image you want to use as a watermark.

watermark in word

Step 2. Check the clean box next to Scale and select OK.

add text watermark

Insert a Watermark to Appear Once Per Page in Word for Windows 10

If you do not want your watermark to appear on each page of your document, you can change the settings to appear once per page. This option only works in Word for Windows.

Step 1. Select a page and then select Design> Watermark.

Step 2. Next, right-click the watermark and then select Apply to Current Document Position.

insert watermark in word

Step 3. The watermark will appear as a text box on the selected page.

How to Save Watermark for Other Document Use

If you want to reuse an image watermark in the future, you can save it as a custom watermark. Also, this option only works in Word for Windows.

Step 1. Double-click the header area, hover your cursor over the watermark, and then click on the watermark to select it.

picture watermark

Step 2. Select Design> Page Background> Watermark> Save Options in Watermark Gallery.

picture watermark

Step 3. Enter the label in the custom watermark and then select OK.

Step 4. When you are ready to add a custom watermark to another document, select the watermark under General in the watermark gallery.

Step 5. You can Double-click the header area, move the cursor over the watermark and then click to select the watermark.

Step 6. Now, you can select Page Layout> Page Background> Watermark> Save Selection to Watermark Gallery and label your watermark, and select OK to save the watermark.

How to Edit Text or Image Watermark in Word

The watermark is usually the main part of the header in a Word document even though it is displayed in the middle of the page. Below are the steps for editing the watermark in Word.

Step 1. Double-click the header area to open it and click on the watermark to select it. By default, watermarks are focused on the page, but you can easily drag the watermark to put it anywhere on the page.

Step 2. You can select a watermark and use the WordArt Tools tab or the Picture Tools tab to change the font, size, style, or color of the watermark.

picture watermark

How to Insert a Watermark in MS-Word for the Web

The most useful way to work with watermarks is in the Word desktop application rather than the mobile app or Word Online.

  • When you use Web Word, you can see the existing watermarks in your document, but you cannot insert new watermarks or change them. However, if you have a Word desktop application, you can open a document using the Open in Word or Open in Desktop app command and insert or change the watermark from there.
watermark in word
  • When done, save the document and it will be saved where you opened it in Web Word and your watermarks will appear when you reopen the document.

How to Remove a Watermark in Word

If you don’t like or no need for the watermark on your document, you can remove it in a few easy steps.

Step 1. In Microsoft Word for Windows 10, Choose Design > Watermark > Remove Watermark.

remove watermark

Step 2. Also, you can double-click the header area, place your cursor over the watermark and click to select the watermark. To remove all watermarks, press Delete on your keyboard and repeat the process.

Step 3. On a macOS, you can select Design> Watermark> No watermark.

remove watermark

How to Add Watermark to a Document in Google Docs

Google Docs doesn’t even have a built-in watermarking feature like Word, but you can create a watermark in Google Drawings before inserting it into your document.

Insert a Text Watermark in Google Docs

The text watermark is usually found behind the content of your document and helps others know what type of document is being used.

Step 1. Open Google Drawings and select Insert> Text Box.

watermark in google docs

Step 2. Select the text box icon in the menu bar and drag your cursor to create a text box watermark. In the text box, type the text for the watermark and edit to change the size, font, color, or shape.

text watermark in google docs

Step 3. Name your watermark. Open the Google document that you want to add in the watermark, then select Edit> Select All and then press Ctrl+C to copy the text.

Step 4. First, navigate to the page of Google Drawings and click Insert> Text Box.

text watermark in google docs

Step 5. Click and drag from the left side of the page to the bottom right or where you would like your text to start and end, then press Ctrl+V to paste the text.

Step 6. Right-click the watermark or text you just pasted into Google Drawings, and select Order to layer the watermark in front of or behind the text.

watermark google docs

Step 7. Open an empty Google Docs document and select Insert> Drawing> From Drive.

google docs drawing

Step 8. Select a watermark and choose Select> Link to source or insert Unlinked.

google docs drawing watermark

Step 9. Select Insert.

google docs drawing watermark

Insert an Image Watermark in Google Docs

With Google Drawings, you can create an image watermark and import it into Google Docs.

Step 1. Open Google Drawings, select Insert> Photo, and choose your image.

watermark in google docs

Step 2. You can drag the image around the screen to adjust its position, Also resize or rotate it.

Step 3. Select a format> Format options> Adjustments to make any adjustments to the image before adding it as a watermark. You may also change the transparency of the watermark so that it doesn’t obscure the text.

watermark in google docs

Step 4. Name your watermark and follow steps 3-9 in the previous part to insert a watermark from Drive in Google Docs.

Insert a Watermark in Word or Google Docs Using Watermark Software

watermark in word

You can also install watermark using software like Snagit, Mark, or Arclab Watermark Studio. Each of these watermark tools is compatible with Windows 10 and Mac. All three options are paid tools trial-free, except iWermermark, which offers a free version so you can test each one before committing to a monthly subscription.


It is not difficult to create and add a watermark to your documents, whether you want to avoid unauthorized use or standardize your official documents.

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